The Department of Hacienda of Puerto Rico and OPG Technology, Corp. (a 100% Puerto Rican company) have joined forces to develop a more convenient system where those who need tax stamps or vouchers can save time. For this purpose Sellos y was created. Here you will find a way to acquire the tax stamps and vouchers you need to go about your business with the Government of Puerto Rico in a more efficient and time saving manner. Included in our system are tax stamps such as:

  1. Sellos de Rentas Internas
  2. Sellos de Asistencia Legal

Vouchers such as:

  1. Comprobantes de Inscripción
  2. Comprobantes de Presentación

How does it work?

First, one of our representatives fills out the registrations forms and necessary paper work. Then these documents are submitted to the Department of Hacienda for their approval. Once approved by Hacienda, OPG Technology will provide you with an Escrow Account number where you will deposit the money you will use to print tax stamps or voucher using this system. Once the bank certifies the funds available these funds will show up in your user webpage. At this moment you may begin printing stamps or vouchers until the balance in your account permits it.


There will be a transaction fee per every stamp printed. This fee will be calculated automatically by the system. These fees will be as follows:

  • 10 cents for every stamp or voucher of values of $1 and under
  • 10% of the face value of stamps or vouchers who's value ranges from $1.00 to $30
  • $3 for stamps or vouchers who's value is from $30 and above

In addition there will be a monthly $25 access and maintenance fee charged to every vendor account plus a 7% Sales Tax on all Transaction and Access Fees.

Get Started:

To apply to become a registered user of the system please send us your contact information to

For more information please send us your questions to

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